Stream Webcam Feed Online with Yawcam

Everyone has  a webcam these days built into their computer and if not it is fairly easy to use your Android smartphone’s camera as your webcam in your Windows PC. But having just a webcam is not enough, you should also have a good webcam capture software to fulfill all your webcam related needs like capturing a snapshot, recording videos or streaming the webcam feed online. A free software called Yawcam is able to do it all.

Yawcam is short for “yet another webcam software” which is a modest way of saying that this software does everything without presenting you with any unwanted features or repulsively bloated user interface. Yawcam has a very clean user interface and a small window from which you can control everything.


As you launch the software for the very first time, it tries to access your webcam and shows you a preview window. You can choose the video device (webcam ) from the list of detected devices from the Yawcam window. Once a device is selected, you can decide to stream the video, enable the motion sensor, make the captured images online, upload the captured video over FTP server, or simply save it to a file on your PC.


Yawcam does not actually stream the video in the popular video streams like MPEG, AVI or MP4. But it uses MJPEG or a series of JPEG images to make the live video feed of your webcam available online. You can change the settings of the streaming to set the quality used by Yawcam. Similarly, you cannot save the webcam video in any video file format – it saves only the captured images like PNG, JPEG or GIF. However, it comes with a tool that can help your join multiple JPEG images to make a video.

Conclusion: Yawcam cannot record videos from your webcam, it is able to capture images and make the webcam online very easily. It is bloat free and very easy to use webcam software.

You can download Yawcam webcam software from