FotoJet Editor : Feature Rich Online Image Editor

The way people use computers have changed drastically over past few years. People no longer use large desktop computers at home. Now they prefer smaller laptops instead. Even at work places, you see the notebook computers quickly replacing the big and bulky desktop computers. Actually some of the businesses are pushing the notebook computers so that the employees can carry the work to their homes and keep working whenever they want. But many of these smaller computers are not very powerful when it comes to performances and you cannot really use your resources hungry graphics designer software on them.

On these not-so-powerful computers and when you want some quick image editing done without the hassle of installing or launching the heavy duty graphics editors, you can use the online image editor called FotoJet. It works from inside any modern web browser and can perform all the commonly used image editing tasks.

First of all you have to upload your image and then you will be able to access all the options from the left side. Under the Edit category, you can choose to crop, resize, rotate, change exposure, change color, sharpen, dehaze, vignette, add noise, focus, color splash etc. You can also choose to add these effects in a selected region of the image.


You can add various effects like sepia, lomo, black and white, vintage, chromatic, scene, old photo etc. You can add overlay graphics to enhance the uploaded image. You can add frames to your pictures to make them look special. You can add text on the image anywhere using many stunning fonts along with all the text effects. You can also add clip-art from a huge library and you can search through this library too.

After you have edited the image to your liking, you can save it and download it to your computer. FotoJet allows the image to be saved either in the JPEG or the PNG format. You can also share this image on social networks or send it to your connected printer to have it printed.

Conclusion: FotoJet is an online image editor that provides you with all the tools for everyday image editing. Once you start using this, you will get addicted to this amazing image editor for a long time.

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