Listen to Online Radio Programs with HitsRadio

We have covered a number of programs for Windows using which you can enjoy listening to the online radio stations as you work on your computer or just chill out when taking a break. But there are times when you have to work on computers with a policy that does not allow you to download any program or install the programs on them. In those computers, you are pretty much stuck without your favorite radio stations.

One solution for those situations is to keep portable online radio programs on a USB flash stick (pen drive), attach it to any PC, launch the programs and have the pleasure of listening to your bookmarked radio stations. But if even that option is not available to you, then you can still listen to radio programs on HitsRadio website.

The difference between HitsRadio and other online radio station programs is that the former does not offer listening to live radio stations. You can only listen to pre-recorded programs, music, and shows. It is more like an on-demand radio station where you can choose a genre and it will instantly start playing the songs from that genre.


You have to visit the HitsRadio website and select one of the stations. There are so many different categories of stations available – most popular stations, the genetic shuffle, nothing but the hits, rock & roll, dance, variety, oldies, comedy, party, hip hop, latin, country and many more.


As soon as you pick any of these stations, it starts to play through your web browser. You can go back to the main website to pick another station. You can also skip to another track if you do not like what is being played. This is why they call HitsRadio online radio – radio with unlimited skips.

You can visit HitsRadio at