QuickViewer : Comfortable Image Viewer for Windows

Microsoft Windows already comes with at least two image viewers – one is MS Paint and another is Microsoft Photos app. You can use these to view and print all the popular type of images like JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF. But if you want much more comfortable viewing of images, then you can use the open-source QuickViewer program. This image viewer can handle a large number of image file types including the RAW images that some of the DSLR cameras produce.

Using the QuickViewer is very easy – you use it like any other application. It is much more convenient to use this application if you associate this program with the image files in your Windows PC. For file associations, you will have to launch the QuickViewer application with administrator level privileges. Then you can select Help Image Associations from the menubar to set which of the files should be associated with QuickViewer.


After the file associations, you can double-click on any image file and then use the left or right arrow keys to view all the images in that folder. You can switch to the full screen mode by pressing the F11 key. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop a folder on the QuickViewer window to start viewing the images inside that folder. You can do the same with archived files containing images. It supports ZIP, 7Z and RAR archives which are also used for some of the comic ebooks available online making QuickViewer an ideal application for reading comic ebooks.


QuickViewer uses OpenGL to display the images on your computer screen making the image viewing much more comfortable and smoother than some other applications. It can use a number of shader algorithms like bilinear, bicubic, lanczos and many more.

You can download QuickViewer for Windows from https://kanryu.github.io/quickviewer/.