Screen Dragons: Floating, Frameless Images for Desktop

In the Chinese mythology fictitious creatures called dragons are very important and they are often shown floating around up above in the Himalayan mountains. Now someone has created a software called Screen Dragons, that just like the mythical creatures float around on your computer screen. Screen Dragons actually shows pictures of your choice on your screen with many peculiar features – they are frameless, they are resizeable, and of course you can drag them around on your screen anywhere you please. These images are shown with some level of transparency and this appear like an integral part of the Windows desktop.

You may wonder why would you need such a software and what purpose does it serve? The developer of the software lists a few uses of the Screen Dragons:

  1. You can use it as a screen display to view an image somewhere on your screen maybe to be used as a reference when working on a project.
  2. It can be used to hold more than one images and as such can be used as a palette so that you can copy these images as and when desired into some other of your projects.
  3. You can go through all the images located inside a folder using Screen Dragons.
  4. Use it to view your logo and then move it over an screen area when recording your screen or taking a snapshot so that the logo is used as a watermark.

Screen Dragons

Screen Dragons opens with an image of dragon loaded. But you can right-click on it to view various options. In order to view another image in Screen Dragons, you can either copy that image file and then paste it on the Screen Dragons, or you can just drag-n-drop the image, multiple images or the folder containing images on Screen Dragons. You can launch multiple screen dragons and they all can be resized. You can control the transparency of the images using the mouse wheel.

Screen Dragon is sort of low tech version of the layers concept that is used in many popular graphics editors like GIMP. You can load many images in many Screen Dragons and superimpose them over each other to create the desired effect. This way you can basically create anything from a simple watermarked image to a highly complex picture.

You can download Screen Dragons from