Check if You are Affected by the Equifax Hack

Recently Equifax, a consumer credit score reporting agency was in the news because of a major hack on their servers. As a result of this hack attack, it is estimated that the data belonging to over 143 million people was breached. This data that contains names, addresses, social security numbers, birth dates and driver licenses could be in the hands of cyber-criminals and could be used for malicious purpose.

But there are still many more people, information belonging to whom was not stolen. If you want to check if you are affected by the Equifax hack and whether your information was stolen or not then you can visit the new website that Equifax has setup for this specific purpose.

You can visit and then click on the Potential Impact tab. On the webpage that opens up it gives you all the instructions that you have to go through. Basically, you have to click on the Check Potential Impact button that will lead you to another website located at

Equifax Hack

Here you have to enter your last name and the last six digits of your social security number. After checking the captcha challenge, you can click on the Continue button and it will instantly tell you whether you are affected or not. In my case, it says that the “personal information was not impacted by the incident” which is a good news.

Equifax Hack

But whether you are affected or not, it is suggested that you enroll for the TrustedID Premier program for protection from identity theft and credit monitoring. This service will be free for one year for everyone (whether you are affected by the hack attack or not). This free service offer is available only up to 21st November 2017 and is available only for the US citizens with a valid social security number.