Google Drive App is Shutting Down – What to Do?

Google Drive is the cloud storage provided by the technology giant Google. It comes pre-installed in most of the smartphone apps and many of us have our important files stored in it. But now Google has decided to shutdown Google Drive app. It will stop working from March next year. In order for you to have continued access to your files you should notice some of the very important dates and information that you should have.

When will be Google Drive app shut down?

People using Google Drive in their Mac or PC will get message that “Google Drive is going away” in October 2017. All support for Google Drive will be ended in December 2017. Google Drive will be fully shutdown in March 2018. After this Google Drive app and desktop clients will cease to work and through them you won’t be able to access your files properly.

Google Drive

Will I lose my files stored in the cloud?

No. The client program/app Google Drive is being shut down. The cloud services provided by Google will keep working as before. So you do not have to worry about your files stored in the cloud. You can access your files using any official Google app or any third party app. There is no need to panic about your files.

What are the alternatives to Google Drive?

Google is offering two alternatives to Google Drive – “Backup and Sync” & “Drive File Stream”. Both of them are available as of now. Both of these are able to access your files stored in the Drive cloud storage. The first alternative, “Backup and Sync” is meant for personal use. It works exactly like Google Drive without much difference.

The second alternative “Drive File Stream” is designed for the enterprise use. It works on files stored in the cloud directly, without the need of downloading them first, modifying and syncing them back once again. This saves both time and the internet bandwidth.

You can find more details about this announcement on the Google’s blog at