How to Activate Twitter’s Night Mode

Twitter is so addictive that sometimes people get up at night and start checking various tweets, re-tweet them and reply to them. It is making people lose their sleep. The US president Mr. Trump is known for his late night tweets which annoy many and please some. But when you are sitting in your bed, tapping away in your laptop tweeting and re-tweeting, the bright light can cause eye strain and headache.

Perhaps this is why Twitter has decided to introduce a Night Mode for the desktop web browsers and the smartphone apps. This is how you can enable Night Mode for the desktop web browsers:

  1. Open Twitter in your web browser and login to your user account.
  2. Click on the user profile picture on the top-right corner and select Night Mode from there.
  3. If you want to turn off the Night Mode, then repeat these steps once again.Twitter Night Mode

In your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone, you can easily toggle the night mode in a similar way. You have to tap on the menu icon in the Twitter app and then tap on the Night Mode flip switch. This same method can be used to switch it on or switch it off.

Twitter Night Mode

But in the smartphone apps, it gives you additional options. You can set it to automatically turn on the night mode as soon as it gets dark in your part of the world. Using the geo-location of your smartphone, it get find the sunrise and sunset times for your region and then can automatically turn on or turn off the night mode.

You can change this in the app settings by opening the Twitter menu, selecting Settings and privacy, then Display and sound, and then tapping on Night mode. You have the options to turn it on, turn it off or set it to to be automatically turned on at sunset.

Twitter Night Mode

Conclusion: The new night mode in Twitter is a welcome feature and is going to help the late night twitter users much more comfortable both on the laptops and on their smartphones.