How to Install Vivaldi Web Browser in Portable Mode

Unlike some of the other popular web browsers, the relatively newer Vivaldi web browser offers to be installed in a portable mode. This means that it won’t integrate into the operating system, won’t create any shortcuts and won’t be set as the default web browser. This is very useful if you want to carry around your Vivaldi web browser in your pen drive and use it on any Windows PC you like.

The same setup installer can be used to install the web browser in the portable mode, so you do not have to download any different type of files. As you launch the installer, it will show you some basic information screen – here is when you have to click on the Advanced button in order to see some options that help you install it in the standalone or portable mode.

Vivaldi Portable Installation

From the options that appear on your screen, you have to choose the installation type to be Install Standalone and then choose the destination folder to be a folder on your USB pendrive or wherever you want it. There is also an option to register the standalone installation so that it can be picked from the list of available web browsers in the Windows settings.

Vivaldi Portable Installation

After this you simply have to click on the Accept and Install button (it will appear as Accept and Update if you are updating the browser). After the process is complete, you can open the destination folder in Windows File Explorer and you will find there are two sub-folders named Application and User Data. The web browser program file vivaldi.exe is located inside the Application sub-folder. You can double-click on it to launch the Vivaldi web browser.

Vivaldi Portable Installation

The User Data folder contains the user profile and contains files like cache, cookies and browsing history. If you want to remove the installation, all you have to do is delete the folder containing these files. If you want to update Vivaldi to a new version, you can repeat the same steps using the new setup installer file.

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