How to View Detailed Image Properties in Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is quickly becoming a very advanced and feature-rich web browser but it still maintains to stay very fast and consumes fewer resources compared to some of the other browsers. With each new version, they add new features and this time they have added a very exciting feature using which you can view the detailed image properties right inside the web browser. This is a great news for all the photographers and graphics designers who love to look at the technical information about some of the stunning images uploaded by other people.

In order to view the image properties in the Vivaldi web browser, you can first open the said image in the web browser and then right-click on it to choose Image Properties from the context-menu. Another way to view the image properties is to click on the small “i” icon in the upper-right corner of the browser window that appears only when you open an image in the browser.

Vivaldi Display Image Properties

The image properties will be instantly visible to the right side of the image in the browser. The properties show the histogram for various colors in the image and for the brightness. It also shows the software used to edit the image, the dimensions of the image, file size, the model of the camera that took the picture, the ISO setting of the camera, the focal length and the exposure among other things. Not all of these properties are available for all the images as the EXIF data is often removed by the graphics editors.

Vivaldi Display Image Properties

Note that Vivaldi can show the image properties only for the images hosted on web servers, it cannot display these properties for the local images. So if you press Ctrl+O, choose one of the JPEG images from your hard drive, and try to view its image properties, Vivaldi fails to do so (at least for version 1.12.955.36 64-bit). Perhaps this will be fixed in the future versions of the  Vivaldi web browser.

In case you have not already installed Vivaldi web browser, you can get it from