Memory Cleaner Minimizes Memory Usage in Windows

These days when computers are coming with a huge amount of RAM banks installed in the order of 8 GB to 16 GB, you do not really have to worry about closing down programs to free up the memory so that your PC does not become unresponsive. Those hang ups because of small amount of RAM have become a thing of the past. But still why let some of the background processes hog your system resources all the time? You can use the free Memory Cleaner tool to free up the system resources and optimize the way Windows uses the installed RAM.

Memory Cleaner is a small utility program that uses the functions built inside Windows itself to free memory without any harmful impact on the system. The program will reduce the amount of resources consumed by processes, services, background programs etc.  You can access the memory cleaning functions from the main window of the Memory Cleaner, but you can also access them from its notification area icon.

There are two main functions – clear the system cache and trim processes’ working set. The system cache is a small portion of the memory that keeps the information about recently used items. The size of the system cache depends on how the capacity of the RAM modules installed. By cleaning system cache, you will recover this portion of memory but your PC might become a slow for a few seconds.

Memory Cleaner

Trimming the working set of the various processes is also another strategy used by the Memory Cleaner. A working set for a process is the amount of memory being claimed as required by that process at a time. Trimming this memory can also squeeze out some of the memory and free it up for use by other programs.

Conclusion: Even though in today’s world, you might not need an application to free up your used memory but you can squeeze out even the smallest possible memory and free it up for other programs using the Memory Cleaner utility.

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