Mockuuups Studio : Generate Mockup Pictures of Various Devices

If you are a smartphone app developer and want to promote your app, then you would need really good looking pictures of your app being run on various smartphones. You can snap them yourself, but for it you would need a good looking model (or at least one with beautiful arms and lovely fingers) and of course a brand new smartphone on which the app is being run. If you do not want to go through with the lengthy process of snapping the photographs yourself, then you can use the free Mockuuups Studio.

Using the Mockuuups Studio software you can create mockup pictures of your app being  shown in a number of devices including the smartphones, laptops and tablets being held by a number of different models both male and female. The program is portable and can be run on your Windows PC without the need of installing it first. The way it works is that you select the screenshot images taken on any phone or computer and it will instantly show you the thumbnail preview images of the screenshots displayed on the screens of various smartphones and other devices.

Mockuuups Studio

From the application, you can choose which type of mockup image you want. You can choose the device type like Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Apple Watch, Macbook, Dell etc. You can choose the orientation – landscape or portrait, you can even choose whether you want male or female hands or no hands at all. Most of the pictures displayed have a background, but you can choose to use only transparent images.

If you want any of the mockup image, you can click on the download button to save it to your PC. The image is entirely generated in real-time and it may take some time before it is saved to your hard drive. However, the images generated are very high resolution (for example, 5149 x 3433 pixels) and contain very fine details.

Mockuuups Studio

Conclusion: Mockuuups Studio is a quick way to generate mockup images containing high resolution pictures of various devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets. It is very useful for bloggers or software and app developers.

You can download Mockuuups Studio from