Play Music Louder in Android with AmpMe App

The free AmpMe app for Android allows you to create a large surround sound system using all the Android devices around you. Through this app, you can play music on just one app and it gets played on all the devices making them sound louder together. What is more, if you do not have any friends closer to you with their smartphones, even then you can join a party started by random people around you. You can also start a party using the music stored on your phone or through SoundCloud.

After starting the app, the first thing it will show you is all the parties (the smartphones playing music through AmpMe app) around you. It can find parties very close to you like few meters from you (like your friends) or even at a large distance like 500 Km from you. You can flip through these hosts and tap on the one that you want to join. The next thing you know you are playing the music that is being played by everyone in that party. And all the music is well synced for everyone – so you listen to the same music all at the same time.


If you want to start a party and become a host, then you can browse your device for stored music files or choose the music from SoundCloud. After this, your friends or even strangers can join to your party and in a few seconds everyone will be playing the same music on their smartphones.


Your party is identified by your device name, but this can be easily changed through the AmpMe settings. So instead of the party being labeled as “Samsung Galaxy S6”, you can label it as “Trisha’s Party”. Other things that you can change from the settings are the push notification settings and automatically follow the nearby AmpMe users.

You can download the AmpMe app from