Recover Keys : Backup License and Activation Keys for Various Software

Recently someone used a malware infected USB memory stick on my PC. Even though Panda Antivirus stopped the infection in time and removed more than 200 infected files, I could not trust the computer anymore for online banking and other important tasks. So I finally decided to format the hard disk and reinstall Windows from the DVD all over again. But when you reinstall Windows, you have to make sure that you backup all the important files, browser settings, and the license keys for various installed software. If you fail to do so, then you may have trouble getting all those license keys back that you have already paid for.

The Recover Keys software can help you backup all the license keys and activation keys present in your Windows PC. The software is able to scan your local computer as well as Windows computers located on the network. It can even scan a hard disk from another PC (that might not be bootable) for license keys. In fact, when you launch the Recover Keys, it will ask you to choose an action – scan local computer, scan computers on the network, scan a hard disk, etc.

Recover Keys

The program takes a few minutes to scan your system and keeps populating the list with all the detected license keys. It shows the details like the software name, type of the license keys and the keys themselves. At this point, you can choose to save your product keys into a number of different types of files like the plain text file, Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV, XML or simply send it to printer to print the whole list.

Recover Keys

Verdict: Recover Keys is a very handy program that can find license keys for more than 9000 well known software. It can be used to recover the license keys not only from the computer on which it is running but also from a dead unbootable computer or from networked computers.

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