Search Files Quicker in Windows with neoSearch

When you are looking for the file that you downloaded only a few minutes ago and cannot find it, you usually turn to the Windows search. But if you are not satisfied with the in-built search tools in the Windows operating system, then you can use the free third party tools like neoSearch. This free tool indexes all the files in your computer so that you can search for them later in a flash. The program is really very fast and provides customized enhancements towards searching the files. In fact, according to the developer of neoSearch, you can run twenty five distinct searches simultaneously and it will still produce the results in a blaze.

After the installation, neoSearch can be launched from the system tray (notification area) and as soon as you start typing in the first few letters, it will display the search results instantly. And if you want much more detailed results, then you can just press the Enter key. The detailed search window shows the file name or the folder name, the location of the items, the modified date and the file size.


In the options for the neoSearch, you can choose to automatically run the program with Windows, include or exclude system folders, include the ID3 tags of MP3 files in the index, reduce the indexing priority for slower computers, and disable the neoSearch voice. Furthermore, you can also include or exclude the custom folders to make the indexing a little personal for yourself.

Apart from these options, you can also choose the time and frequency for indexing and re-indexing the files. You can choose the daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly frequency for re-indexing. You can also choose your own custom frequency for indexing. You can also choose your own custom hotkeys for quick access.

You can download neoSearch from