Todometer : Meter Based To-Do List for Windows or Mac

We have all been in that embarrassing situation when you miss that important project deadline because it slipped out of your mind. There are so many of these situations that can be easily avoided using a task list or to-do joblist program that keeps you reminding of the things that you should have done or that you should do in the near future. For this purpose, you can use the open-source Todometer program which works with Windows and Mac computers.

Todometer is a meter based to-do list program. This means that it shows a meter of your progress and this progress reaches 100% level when you have finished all the tasks. This makes it very easy to visually know when you have completed all the tasks without having to go through all the details.

You can start by adding a few to-do tasks in the program. This is done by typing in the task in the blank text field and then clicking on the small Add icon. As you complete these tasks one by one, you can click on the checkmark icon next to them to indicate that they are completed. This makes the progress meter fill up.


If you want to put off the tasks, you can click on the small pause icon next to them. This will move them to the “Do Later” section. When the tasks are completed, they are automatically removed so that you do not have to think about them again. In the middle of all this, you can add newer tasks that you have to do in your personal or work life.

Todometer is designed using Electron and because of this, it is a large size program even though it is a very simple program. But because of the same reason, it can be used in both Windows and Mac.

You can download Todometer from