WildGem is Powerful Search and Replace Tool

Whether you are using a popular word processor like Microsoft Word or a very simple text editor application like Notepad, you come across situations when you have to find certain text in the file you are editing and may be replace it with some other words or phrases. While many of these text editor applications do include the ability to search and replace for any text, they are not as advanced as the powerful WildGem search and replace tool. It uses both the simple find and search functionality as well as the advanced regular expressions (regex) based search.

WildGem is a portable program and runs without having to install anything. You have to copy/paste the text in the left side source text box. You can also load the file in its entirety by clicking on the Load file button. Once the file is loaded, you can go on performing the search by typing in the text terms in the Find text box. You can also use the click-and-add regex expression buttons given in the WildGem. These buttons make it very easy to create regular expressions without having to be a regular expressions expert.


The replace text box can also be similarly used to replace the found words with the words you have typed in the replace text box. But in this box you cannot use regular expressions simply because this box is not meant to search anything – it contains the words or phrases that are going to replace whatever is being searched through the regular expressions in the find text box.

The original and edited texts are displayed side by side which makes it easy to compare the changes made by the program. And if you are satisfied with the result, then you can click on the Save file button to save the modified text to a file.

You can download WildGem from http://www.skytopia.com/software/wildgem/.