Fix Adobe Creative Cloud Installation Problems

Adobe Creative Cloud is a software suite consisting of the entire collection of Adobe desktop and mobile apps including the sought after applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Stock, Typekit, Illustrator Draw etc. Sometimes when you want to install a new version of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps in your PC, it refuses to install citing one or other problems. This could be because of data corruption in the Adobe Creative Cloud settings and installation data.

You can easily fix this by removing everything related to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite installation from your PC as if you had never installed it in the first place. After this data is removed, you can attempt installing the Adobe Creative Cloud apps once again. This can be done using the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool.

Adobe Creative Cloud

You can download the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool for both Windows and Mac. In case of Windows, you have to launch this tool with administrative privileges. But before you launch this tool, you should use the “Programs and Features” applet from the Control Panel to uninstall all the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite apps. Only after this, you should run Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool to flush all the remaining data from your computer.

In the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool, you have to pick a language (English or Japanese) followed by accepting the agreement terms. In the menu shown you can choose if you want to remove all the data belonging to all the products, or you can pick the product for which the data has to be removed. You can also choose to clean the hosts file in case you are having trouble connecting to the Adobe Cloud servers.

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner

After many confirmations, it will begin removing the data related to Adobe Creative Cloud products stored in your computer. After rebooting your PC, you will be able to reinstall or install Adobe Creative Cloud suite once again in your computer.

You can download Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool from