How to Track Flights Easily Without Using Any App

When your relatives or friends are arriving and you have to go pick them up from the airport, you are in constant state of worry as to when the flight will arrive and where it is at present time. You can actually track many air flights using one or other apps available for Android and iOS. But you do not have to use any of these apps really. Thanks to the new features available via the major search engines like Google and Bing, you can quickly search for your flights and know their current status.

For this you can open Google Search in Android by saying “Ok Google” (or invoke Siri in iPhone) and speak or type in the flight number that you want to know about. For example, you can simply enter AA452 if you want to know about the American Airlines flight number AA 452. It will instantly show you the current status of the flight on any given day. You can even know where it is flying on its route between the two airports. It works even if you are using Bing search and have installed the Bing Search app.

Track Flights Easily

But if you want to know more details regarding the whereabouts of the flight, then you need to enter in your web browser. This website gives comprehensive information about the current status of any flight all over the world. If you do not know the flight number, you can actually pick the flights from a map of all the current flights in the world.

Track Flights Easily

It shows you the current status of the flight displayed on the map complete with the route of the flight. Not only this, but it shows you the height and speed of the airplanes. A picture of airplane is also displayed. This is in fact more information than an ordinary person would need.

So using these simple methods, you can quickly find about any flight and its current status without actually having to install any apps.