Microsoft Edge Browser Now Available for Android

Over the years there have been so many attempts of using Internet Explorer and Edge browser in Android through one work around or the other. Some people used modified apps that looked like Microsoft’s web browsers and others used Microsoft Edge browser through remote desktop. But no more hacks or workaround are necessary because the technology giant has finally made a version of the Edge browser available for Android. It is not yet released, but is available for testing from Google Play store.

The Edge web browser is larger in download size compared to the other two popular browsers for Android – Chrome and  Firefox. But it does not seem to present as many options as offered by Firefox or Chrome. The Edge browser for Android comes with voice command support and an in-built QR code scanner. If you are a Windows users,  then you can sign-in to your Microsoft account in the Edge browser both in the Android and Windows to synchronize the browser settings. But Edge takes the syncing one step further – you can leave any web page open in the Edge browser in Windows and continue to browser the same page in the Edge browser in Android.

Microsoft Edge for Android

The settings for the Edge browser in Android seem to be very much same as you would see them in the Windows version. For example, you can change the settings related to appearance, default search engine, auto-fill & payments, saved passwords, privacy, home page and more.

Microsoft Edge for Android

The Edge web browser performance is very smooth and it works very well even with older versions of Android. It can be installed on smartphones running on Android KitKat 4.4 to Android Nougat 7.1 without any problem. It will also solve the age old problem of websites that cannot be used in Android because they are designed to work with Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

You can install Microsoft Edge browser in Android from