View System Information with CobraTek PC Info

The very first thing that everyone does after buying a new computer is to check the system specs. You can read the system specs on the cardboard box inside which the computer is packed or you can check them using the system information properties of Windows that can be invoked by pressing the Win+Pause hotkey. But this system information does not contain everything about your PC. If you want to know much more detailed information about your PC then you can try a new tool called CobraTek PC Info.

This software can display information about your Windows PC including the system hardware, CPU, GPU, RAM, operating system version, storage devices, optical devices (CD/DVD/Blu-ray), motherboard, sound devices, network interface cards, and peripheral devices. You can access all of these from a tabbed interface with different tabs to display the information about the OS, CPU, GPU, RAM etc.

From under the Settings tab of the program, you can access various services and programs installed in your PC. You can view the processes being run in your Windows computer. You can have access to some of the very useful commands like regedit to open the Windows Registry Editor or powercfg.cpl to open the Power configuration options. You can also look at the various updates installed in your Windows PC from under this tab.

CobraTek PC Info

The software can also be customized to be used in a language you are comfortable with. You can change the theme of the software as well and pick either from the light theme or the dark theme.

Conclusion: CobraTek PC Info is a useful program that can be used to find some of the detailed information about the hardware components in our computers and to access various services and programs installed in the system.

You can download CobraTek PC Info from