Firefox Rocket Browser Presents Unique Features in Android

Firefox Rocket is a new web browser from Mozilla designed specially for Android. This web browser is light weight and consumes fewer resources than the regular Firefox browser and packs some special features. However, Firefox Rocket is limited to only one country Indonesia if you download it from Google Play store – the official app store for Android devices. But if you really want to check it out, even if you are currently not located in Indonesia, then you can get the APK from ApkMirror and side load it in your Android device. Firefox Rocket requires Android Lollipop 5.0 at the minimum but is designed to work with the latest version of Android as well.

Since it is designed for Indonesia only, when you launch it you are shown shortcuts to Indonesia specific websites like Tribune News, Tokopedia, Kompaa, Bukalapak etc. But you can use this web browser just like any other web browser by entering the URL of a website or searching for something. If you tap on the menu in the Firefox Rocket, you can see the shortcuts to settings, downloads, history, blocking images, clearing cache and so on. There is also a shortcut to enable the turbo mode which hides third party content to make the web pages load faster.

Firefox Rocket

In the settings, you can change the default search engine, language, clear all of your web browsing data, toggle turbo mode, make it your default web browser and more. The web browser is designed to work on devices with not so impressive hardware specs and the ones that have been using slower internet connections like 2G or 3G internet access.

Firefox Rocket

Conclusion: Firefox Rocket is a light weight but feature loaded web browser for Android. Although it is designed only for the Indonesian, you can still use it by side loading it in your Android device.

You can get Firefox Rocket for Android from Google Play store at