MEGASync : Syncs Data Between PC and MEGA Cloud Storage

If you need a cloud storage account with very large capacity for free, then you can sign up for the MEGA cloud storage account. The free account allows you to store 50GB of files which is larger than any other free cloud storage account. And like all the other cloud storage services, MEGA also offers software clients that help you sync your files between your cloud storage and the syncing folders on your devices. The software client for the Windows computers is MEGASync which allows easy automated syncing between your computer and your MEGA account. Apart from Windows, they also offer similar clients for Android, iOS, Mac and extensions for various web browsers.

After the installation, it places an icon in the Windows notification area and keeps running in the background silently. It will automatically sync all the files that you copy in the special folder that you pick during the installation designed to sync with the cloud storage device. In the settings for the MEGASync, you can choose both the local folder as well as the cloud storage folder that should be synced together.


In the settings for the MEGASync, you are able to view the total storage space available, how much of the space available for use, enable notifications, enable auto-starting with Windows. All the already synced files in Windows are shown with an overlay icon in the File Explorer, but you can disable this feature from the settings. Similarly, a shortcut to the MEGA sync folder is also displayed to the left of the File Explorer – this feature can also be disabled from the settings.

Other than these,  there are settings to exclude files from being synced depending on file names and file names following a certain patterns, enable proxy server, change the bandwidth limits permitted for the MEGASync application.


Verdict: MEGASync make using the MEGA cloud storage service every easy as you can fetch the files from your cloud storage easily. It is like adding a 50GB hard drive to your devices that can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

You can download MEGASync from