Record Screen, Games, and Webcam with GOM Cam

GOM Cam is a high performance versatile video recorder application for Windows. Using this one software you can record desktop activity of your Windows PC to make instructional videos, you can record the game play of your favorite PC games, you can record videos using your webcam or any other video device attached to your PC, and you can create video lectures for your students. The software record the videos using the widely used MP4 codecs and these videos can directly be uploaded to Youtube or any other video sharing website.

When you launch the GOM Cam application for the very first time, it shows a very informative screen showing you where everything is. On the left side are the four options using which you can select what you want to record – computer screen, webcam, games, or create lectures using Microsoft PowerPoint documents. Since the webcam is selected using all the video input devices, you can use the same method to record video streams from any attached video devices like digital camera or TV tuner card.


Upon selecting a source for recording, different options are displayed based on the source type. For the screen capture, you have to select the desktop screen area that you want to record and then initiate the recording. For the webcam, you are shown a list of video capture devices that should be selected and then the recording is started. For all kinds of sources, it records both the video streams as well as the audio.


When you stop the recording, it saved the recorded videos as MP4 video files in your Windows user profile folder. You can play these videos in any video player, upload them to Youtube, Facebook or any other video sharing website.


Verdict: GOM Cam is a novice friendly, easy-to-use video recording application for Windows and has all the features you might want from a video recording software. In the free version, there is a limitation of only 10 minutes recording.

You can download GOM Cam from