SuperTuxKart : Play Kart Racing Game on Windows, Mac, Android and Linux

If you have ever played the MarioKart game on Nintendo console, you would love the SuperTuxKart – an open-source 3D kart racing game designed to work on a number of platforms. Recently the game has also been ported to Android so that you can enjoy it on your smartphone as well. The kart racing game is different from others as the developers have made absolutely no effort to make it look realistic. In fact, the game comes with very fanciful locations, tracks and characters. The characters include Tux (a penguin – the mascot of Linux), the Gnu (a wildebeest – the mascot for GNU) and Nolok (archenemy of Tux and Gnu).

You can begin by visiting the SuperTuxKart website an downloading the installer for your operating system. The download is merely around 600 MB in size. The game allows you to select the modes like race, battle or follow the leader etc. Some of these modes follow a specific story and makes the game much more engaging than just the plain racing game.


In the story mode, you play inside the Mascot kingdom and must face the evil Nolok who is after Tux and his newly wed wife. You must defeat Nolok so that the Mascot kingdom feels safer once again. Apart from the story mode, you can race by yourself and compete with the CPU driven racers, you can participate in many of the Grand Prix cups, or you can race against the time and beat your own fastest time in the Time Trial mode. The game also comes with a multi-player mode and allows you to race with your friends. Four people can race with each other at the same time on a single PC. Unfortunately, the game does not have any online or network multi-player mode.

The SuperTuxKart was recently updated and released with a Halloween special pack. The new version contains some extra tracks and characters. You can download SuperTuxKart from