Make Windows Taskbar Look Festive with Christmas Toolbar

During these holidays, you can make small changes to your Windows PC to give it a much more festive look. Some people do use holly for decoration and it does look the prettiest, but you do not have to physically decorate your Windows computer. You can just download some small programs and they will add a touch of holidays celebrations to your Windows desktop. It is not as good as using the wreaths and garlands, but it is certainly better than a dull old computer screen.

For making your Windows PC taskbar much more attuned to the Christmas season, you can use the free and portable program Christmas Taskbar. The program is not required to be installed in your PC. You just have to launch it once and it will change the way your Windows Computer’s taskbar looks like.

Christmas Taskbar

The program gives a continuous snow falling animation in the taskbar. You can access more options for the Christmas Taskbar by right-clicking on the small snowflake icon in the notification area icon. Among other things, you can change the speed of the snowflakes and choose slow, normal, fast and quick. You can make it automatically start with Windows and enable further animation to make the taskbar look even much prettier.

Christmas Taskbar

When you are no longer in the mood of the Christmas Taskbar, you can right-click on this same icon and choose to exit it. But if you want to completely remove it from your system, then you have to delete the ChristmasTaskbar.exe file from your PC.

Conclusion: Decoration of your home, office and streets is very common during the Christmas season. But you can also extend the festivities to your work computer by using small programs like the Christmas Taskbar.

You can download the Christas Taskbar from