WashAndGo : Washing Machine for Hard Disk Drives

It is a commonly known fact that Windows computers accumulate gunk in the hard disk drives after some time of regular use. If you have been using your PC everyday, then your hard disk may have been filled with all kinds of garbage after six months. This problem has become worse in the recent years as many programs keep downloading data from the internet for updates and such, but fail to cleanup unwanted files afterwards. Then there are misbehaving programs that keep adding information to the Windows registry but do not remove it even when these programs are uninstalled.

WashAndGo is a complete solution for Windows computers and can wash all the gunk off the hard drives. In fact, you can think of WashAndGo software as a washing machine for your Windows computers’ hard disk drives. It is a hard disk cleaning software that can detect and remove excess data on the hard disk and make your PC free of all the clutter.

The software has a very appealing interface and can remove the unnecessary files or other data automatically while running in the background. In the WashAndGo window, you can simply choose to scan your system for all the junk data and in a few minutes it will display you the scanning results. The results show you how many entries in the registry have been found, how many system garbage files were found and so on. You can then click on the “Clean” button to get rid of these files.


If you want to save time, the software allows to be automated – you can choose when to run the software and clean all the detected files automatically. The program plays it safe and keeps a backup of all the data removed – this makes it easy to restore the removed entries at any later time. There is also a small file shredding tool that can use very strong algorithms to securely overwrite the files.

Verdict: WashAndGo is a complete cleanup solution for Windows computers. It can clean internet browser traces, registry entries, and many other type of unnecessary files. It is available in a trial version only and will stop working after a month.

You can download WashAndGo from https://www.abelssoft.de/en/windows/System-Utilities/WashAndGo.