Cornerfly Rounds Up Screen Corners in Android

Android smartphones are now available with very very powerful hardware – some of them can even put Apple’s iPhone to shame. They all come with a rectangular screen despite having different dimensions – some have 16:9 screens while others have 16:10 and some are now available in 18:9 dimensions. But all of them have the rectangular screens and sharp corners. If you want to have the rounded corners like they used to have back in the old days of CRT screen devices, then you can use the Cornerfly app for Android.

Cornerfly adds rounded corners to your Android device for much smoother look. You simply have to install this app in your Android smartphone and it will take are of the rest. On the start, it will show some basic information regarding what this app does – it rounds your corners and gives you easy configuration options. By default, the app rounds all the four corners of your Android device’s screen. But you can choose which of these corners should be rounded from the Cornerfly settings.


In the settings for Cornerfly, you can modify the size of the rounded corners, define the color of the corners, and choose the apps for which the rounded corners should be active. This is useful because you may not want to round the corners for apps like media players or web browsers.

The app can also detect if the device is fullscreen and turn off Cornerfly effect. The settings for both detecting the fullscreen mode and whether to round the corners in the fullscreen mode can be changed. And finally there are options to toggle off or on the rounded corners for each of the four corners of your screen separately.


Cornerfly offers many more options in the paid version, but free version is also able to add a little classic style to your latest Android smartphone.

You can get the  Cornerfly app for Android from