How to Add Custom Presets in F.lux for Windows

If you work for long in front of your computer screen then you probably already know the importance of keeping the color temperature of your screen to a value that is comfortable for your eyes. Using a proper screen color temperature also makes sure that your body’s internal sleep cycles do not get affected. And the easiest way to choose a screen color temperature is through the use of F.lux software.

F.lux automatically sets the appropriate screen color temperature based on the time of the day at your location on this planet. This ensures that your screen is displaying a healthy screen temperature and is not putting any strain on your eyes.

Aside from the automatic adjustments by F.lux, it also comes with many presets like recommended colors, reduce eyestrain, working late, far from the equator, cave painting, color fidelity etc. All these presets are saved inside a JSON file and every time you launch F.lux, it overwrites this file with the same presets. This means that even if you add your own custom preset to this file, it will be discarded and removed.

But here is a workaround and easy way to add your own presets in F.lux. You can add as many presets as you want:

  1. Download and install Notepad++ in your Windows PC. It is required to edit the JSON files.
  2. Exit any running instance of F.lux in your Windows PC. For this you can right-click on the F.lux icon in the notification area and select Exit f.lux.
  3. Press the hotkey Win+R, type %LocalAppData%\FluxSoftware\Flux\media and press Enter.
  4. In the folder that opens up, right-click on the preset.json file, and select Edit with Notepad++.
  5. Copy-paste the following block of code after the first square bracket ([):
    		"name": "TrishTech",
    		"desc": "Customized for",
    		"day": 5700,
    		"night": 5700,
    		"late": 5700

    All these values can be changed as you wish. The name is the name of your preset, desc is description of your preset. The day, night and late are temperature values for day time, night time and late night.Add Custom Presets in F.lux

  6. Save the file and close Notepad++ window.
  7. Right-click on preset.json file and select Properties from the context menu.
  8. Select the checkmark for Read-only and then click on the OK button.Add Custom Presets in F.lux
  9. Now re-launch F.lux and you would be able to see and select your new presets from the F.lux window. You can open this window by single clicking on the notification area icon for the F.lux.Add Custom Presets in F.lux