How to Create User Profiles for Netflix

Netflix subscription is now available in so many countries all over the world. You can get the basic subscription for a very cheap price and enjoy watching movies or TV shows on all of your devices – smartphones, tablets, TVs or computers. Different types of subscriptions allow you to watch Netflix over more or less number of devices and also offer lower or higher quality of video streaming. But all subscriptions have full access to all the different types of movies and TV shows that Netflix has to offer. If you want small kids in your family to watch only kids shows, then you create a kids profile. Similarly, you can create profiles for other members of your family so that they can customize Netflix experience to their own choice of programs.

Here is how you can create new user profiles for Netflix (process is similar in web browsers or on your smart TV, however interface could be a little different):

  1. Open Netflix app in your smartphone and login to your Netflix account.
  2. Tap on the user picture near the top of the menu and it will display you who is watching Netflix.Netflix Profiles
  3. On this screen, tap on Add Profile button in order to proceed and create a new profile.
  4. For the new profiles, you have to add a name, choose whether this is a profile for kids or grown ups and pick a profile icon.
  5. Now tap on Save and the new profile will be saved under your Netflix account. You can switch to this profile and start watching various movies, documentaries and TV shows as usual.Netflix Profiles

You can choose the maturity level for each of these profiles so that each profile can be customized to watch movies with different ratings. Each of these profiles can have their own language, recently watched movies list, video playback settings, personalized movie or TV show suggestions etc.