XTR Toolbox : Portable Windows Tweaker and Optimizer

XTR Toolbox is a collection of tools that are designed to tweak some of the Windows settings, manage various programs running in your PC and clean the unwanted data from your Windows computer. It shows up with a simple and easy to use interface from where you can choose a number of tools just by clicking on their respective buttons.

All the tools are categorized in four different categories – quick tools, other tools, privacy tools and cleanup tools. This makes it very easy for you to look for and locate the tools that you want for the job at hand. Under the Quick Tools category, you can find tools for rebuilding the icons cache, rebuilding the fonts cache, and resetting event logs.

XTR Toolbox

Under the Other Tools, category, you can find startup manager, services manager, software manager and hosts file manager. Privacy Tools includes Windows apps manager and a tool to remove the telemetry updates. In Cleanup Tools category, there are two cleaning tools – junk files cleaner and Chrome extensions manager. Unfortunately, it does not have any tool to manage extensions in any other web browser.

Unlike some other similar software, clicking on these buttons does not launch some Microsoft tool included in Windows. Rather the developers have included all the different tools designed by themselves. For example, the Chrome extensions manager does not redirect you to the Chrome browser setting but it shows you a list of all the extensions installed in Google Chrome and allows you to right-click on them and delete them.

Conclusion: XTR Toolbox is a handy tool to have when you are managing your system or fixing some of its problems. It comes with all the useful tools like startup manager, services manager, Chrome extensions manager, Windows apps manager and more.

You can download XTR Toolbox from https://xtrtoolbox.blogspot.com/