Aura Brings Forest Sounds to Your Windows PC

There is a reason we feel so much better when we are sitting in the nature among the trees, near the bank of a river or on the beach listening to the ocean waves. The sounds of nature are very relaxing to the human mind and can quickly take away all of your mental stress as you sit and relax to the nature’s sound. But not everyone can take some time out to go to the beach, climb up the mountain or relax with the trees in a park. In your busy work life, what you can do is listen to the nature’s sound in your PC using a free program named Aura.

Aura is a Windows desktop utility that plays soothing nature sounds in order to create a comfortable atmosphere as you work with your PC. Aura comes in two versions – a full version that contains all kinds of nature sounds like forest, birds, insects, frogs, beasts, wind, rain & more and a starter version that comes only with forest sounds. Both of these versions are free but the starter version is for people who don’t want to download a large file. Even in starter version, you can download sounds if you want to and update it to the full version gradually.


After the installation, The program appears as an icon in the system tray and plays real delectable sounds of a forest. You can right-click on the notification area icon and choose the sound types to listen to (in the starter version you can select Forest in daytime, Forest at night). You can also turn off the sounds if you want to. You can double-click on this icon to open the full window for Aura from where you can control all things related to sounds and how they are played.


In the Aura window, you can choose sound compression, select sound volume, you can choose different sounds from your local PC, you can choose to download more sounds from the Aura web site, you can choose to auto-start it with Windows, you can pick different sites for every hour, and more.

You can download Aura from

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