How to Configure Vivaldi Email Account in Mozilla Thunderbird

The makers of the Vivaldi web browser have also been offering a free email account for everyone. Since this is a relatively new email service, you can claim a good email address for yourself and get an email address ending in the domain. Good thing is that you can access this email account from any email client in your desktop computer or mobile phone. We have already posted about how you can access your Vivaldi email account from the webmail interface in your web browser. But if you want to access your Vivaldi emails from the popular Mozilla Thunderbird email client then you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird, press the Alt key to view the menubar. Select File → New → Existing Mail Account from the menubar.Setup Vivaldi Email in Thunderbird
  2. In the mail setup account, enter your name, your email Vivaldi address and the password. You can optionally check the option Remember the password so that you do not have to enter the password to access email messages every time. Click on the Continue button to continue.Setup Vivaldi Email in Thunderbird
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird will connect to their database to find the mail server names automatically and select IMAP option. At this point, you can just click on the Done button and you have successfully configured Vivaldi email account in Thunderbird.Setup Vivaldi Email in Thunderbird

But if for some reason, Thunderbird fails to fetch the correct mail server names, then you can click on the Manual Config button and enter the server names yourself. For the IMAP configuration, incoming server name is, port is 143, SSL setting is STARTSSL, authentication type is Normal password. The outgoing  SMTP server has exactly same parameters except the port is 587.

After you have configured Vivaldi email account in Thunderbird, you will be able to receive and send email messages from the comfort of Mozilla Thunderbird.