Control Windows PC from Android with AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a remote control application using which anyone can view and control their desktop computers from other desktop computers or from mobile devices like Android smartphones or tablets. AnyDesk is known for their small size applications, for the ease of use and for the fast connectivity.

AnyDesk is available for a number of platforms like Mac OS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Android and iOS. But the mobile apps are basically for controlling the desktop computers running the AnyDesk software. While the AnyDesk software for the desktop computers can both connect to the remote computers to view/control them and act as remote desktop server so that other devices can connect to your desktop computer.

For controlling your Windows PC remotely from an Android smartphone or tablet, you can download and run the AnyDesk application in your PC. The downloaded program does not need to be installed and is less than 2 MB in size. Upon launching AnyDesk in your Windows PC, you will be shown a nine digit number. You have to enter this number in AnyDesk running on other desktop computers or mobile devices.


On your Android smartphone, you can install the AnyDesk app. As you launch the app, it will ask you remote desk address. You should enter the same nine digit number displayed in AnyDesk in your Windows PC and tap on the Connect button.


Back in your Windows PC, you will be shown a notification that a remote device is trying to connect to your PC through AnyDesk. You can select the various permissions you want to grant to the remote computer trying to connect to your Windows PC. The permissions include hearing all the sound being played, control of keyboard & mouse, control of Windows, and use of clipboard. After this click on the Accept button to allow the connection.


After a connection is made, AnyDesk will show the Windows PC screen on your Android screen. You can pinch-zoom the screen, use touchscreen to use the mouse, use Android keyboard as your PC keyboard, and listen to all the sound being played on the PC.


AnyDesk does not work through local network like Ethernet or WiFi. For AnyDesk to work, internet connection is a requirement. But AnyDesk uses very high speed servers making the access and control of the remote computers completely lag free.

You can download AnyDesk for all platforms from


  1. Anydesk is good. Additionally, you can also use tools like on premise R-HUB remote support servers for all your remote access needs. It works from behind the firewall, hence better security.

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