Easy Screen OCR : Extracts Text from Anything Displayed on Screen

Easy Screen OCR is a desktop OCR tool for Windows that can extract text from almost anything being displayed on your screen – images, videos, websites, protected documents and more. Basically if there is some text being displayed on your screen that you cannot copy/paste in the normal manner then you can use Easy Screen OCR to capture the screen and run OCR, it will instantly convert it into text format that you can copy/paste easily.

Easy Screen OCR is useful if you have some text data available only in the form of scanned images or pictures snapped using a digital camera. If you want to save text from these images, you basically have only two choices – either you manually type the text contained in those pictures into a text file, or you can use an optical character recognition (OCR) tool like Easy Screen OCR that can both save your precious time and make it very easy to extract the text from various images.

It installs an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop from where you can access it anytime you want to use it. Basically every time you have to use it, you can use a hotkey (which can configured to anything you want) to select and capture some region of your PC screen. A small window displays the captured screenshot and gives you an option to run OCR on it.

Easy Screen OCR

The OCR is cloud based and requires that you have a working internet connection. After successful OCR, the text is displayed in the same window under the Text tab. You can then do whatever you want using this text – copy it to different applications or save it for future.

Easy Screen OCR

In the Easy Screen OCR settings, you can pick the directory for saving the captured screenshots, pick the file type for these screenshots (BMP, JPEG, PNG or PDF), choose the target OCR language, and make the program run automatically with Windows.

Easy Screen OCR

Our Opinion:

Easy Screen OCR combines screen capture and OCR features into one application so that anyone can quickly extract text from anything on their screen. The application runs flawlessly and performs the screen capture as well as the OCR operations as expected. But the tool is meant only for casual screen OCR use as it does not include batch image OCR features. If you have tons of images that you want to run through OCR and save them into text, then Easy Screen OCR is useless for you.

It depends entirely on third-party cloud OCR services which means that it will simply not work if you are offline or have unstable connection. Furthermore, these third-party OCR services have limited quota for making OCR requests per day and if you exceed that limit then Easy Screen OCR will stop working for some time. At the same time, cloud OCR also means that you do not have to download a large software installation file or depend on the processing power of your own computer for the OCR operations.

You can download Easy Screen OCR from https://easyscreenocr.com/.