Install Skype in Windows 10 from Offline Installer

Microsoft’s Skype can be used to communicate with other Skype users as well as landline phones or mobile phones. And since Skype can be installed in a myriad of devices you can use it to communicate across all these devices like desktop computers, tablet computers, mobile phones, smart watches, smart televisions and more. In Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows, you can install Skype by downloading the setup file from Microsoft servers. But on Windows 10, if you try to install Skype using the offline installer package, it fails to install Skype after displaying a message – “Please install Skype from the Microsoft Store for best experience.”

Install Skype from Offline Installer in Windows 10

But if you do not want to install Skype from Microsoft store and want to forcibly install Skype using the downloaded offline installer package, then there is a very simple workaround. All you have to do is use the /silent switch for running the offline installer package. Here is how:

  1. First of all download the offline installer package for Skype from
  2. Save the downloaded offline installer package somewhere on your hard drive, for example, C:\Downloads.
  3. Now open the folder where you have saved the downloaded setup installer, click on File and then on Command Prompt.Install Skype from Offline Installer in Windows 10
  4. In the command prompt window type the name of the Skype installer followed by space and /SILENT and then press Enter. For example, in my case the downloaded file is Skype- so that the command would be Skype- /SILENT.Install Skype from Offline Installer in Windows 10

This is a simple workaround for installing Skype from the offline installer package for Windows. This is only for rare situations like when you have just reinstalled Windows and don’t want to go through downloading Skype from the Windows store. In normal cases, you should always download the Skype app from the Windows store as it works better in Windows 10.