NTFSUndelete : Recover Deleted Files in Windows PC

So many times you scream after accidentally emptying the Recycle Bin in Windows and realizing that you have just got rid of some of the very important documents from your PC. But these files have not completely gone from your hard drive and you can still recover the deleted files using a file recovery software. You can quickly restore all these deleted files using a software NTFSUndelete.

NTFSUndelete software can search for deleted entries in the hard drive by looking for the data stored in the storage devices. The deleted files are just marked deleted in the Master File Table (MFT or the file table of the disk) and can be searched for easily in this table. From the entries located in the MFT, the program retrieves the deleted data from the respective clusters of the hard disk and then makes it available to the system again.

In the NTFSUndelete software you can use two modes – the regular mode and the wizard mode. In the wizard mode, you can go through one step at a time, select the hard drive to be scanned, select the scanned files and choose to recover them. In the regular mode, you have to do the same thing but everything is done from the one GUI – select the hard drive, examine and select the deleted files that it has found, and finally choose to recover them.


Since Windows can overwrite the hard drive anytime it wants, in order to be extra careful and be able to recover all the deleted files – NTFSUndelete also offers a bootable CD using which you can boot into your PC without having to use the installed Windows operating system. This is also useful if your system has become unbootable due to corrupt or deleted files. For this you have to download a bootable ISO image, which you can burn with another PC on a blank CD and then start your computer with it.


Conclusion: NTFSUndelete is a complete file recovery software for Windows computers. It supports all types of devices and file systems. It also comes as a bootable ISO so that you can recover files even from unbootable computers.

You can download NTFSUndelete from https://www.ntfsundelete.com/.