Decrypt Ransomware Encrypted Files with Bitdefender GandCrab Decryptor

GandCrab ransomware is the newest malware threat that surfaced in the January this year. This ransomware is said to be highly aggressive in its behavior and has claimed almost 50,000 victims so far. It demands the victims USD 1,200 to decrypt your files. All the operation is taken place over the highly encrypted Tor network.

But now Bitdefender has released a tool that can help you decrypt the GandCrab ransomware encrypted files without having to pay anything to the GandCrab operators. This tool is available from the No More Ransom web site or from the Bitdefender Labs website.

The tool has a few limitations, for example, you need at least five encrypted files for it to work. If you do not provide five GandCrab encrypted files, then it won’t be able to figure out whether the decryption is working properly or not. Perhaps in the newer versions of this tool, these limitations will be removed as the experts at Bitdefender learn more about the GandCrab ransomware.

GandCrab Decryptor

Bitdefender decryptor for GandCrab can scan your entire system for the encrypted files or you can pick a folder where the encrypted files are stored. The tool has the option to backup your files before decrypting them, but Bitdefender advises to make a backup on your own in order to avoid unforeseen consequences (for example, if the files are encrypted by a different variant of GandCrab and are not decrypted in the proper way).

GandCrab Decryptor

Clicking on the Scan button is enough for the decryption to take place. The tool scans your system (or the selected folder) for GandCrab encrypted files and decrypts them. You will be shown a message in the end when the decryption process is over. The decrypted files are placed in their original folders along with the original files as backups.

You can download the Bitdefender GandCrab Decryptor tool from