Norton Clean for Android Removes Junks Files Efficiently

It does not really matter what type of device you use – they all tend to accumulate junk files after some time. In fact, the more you use them, the more junk files get piled up on their storage. Android smartphones also suffer from this problem as various apps keep collecting files in their cache and taking up the storage space. Many times these junk files can claim as much as 10 GB of the storage space on your Android smartphones.

Norton Clean is a new Android app that can help you clean all these junk files from your Android devices. Since the app is designed by the popular security company Symantec, it is a very reliable and trustworthy app. The app starts to scan your device for junk files as soon as you launch it. At the end of the scan, it displays the number of junk files and the amount of storage space taken up by them. You can now tap on the small fan-like icon to clean these junk files.

Norton Clean for Android

If you want to re-scan your device again for the junk files, then you can tap on the re-scan icon and it will go through Android system once again. Other than scanning and cleaning the junk files, it can also help you manage the installed apps on your device. You can remove the installed apps to free up the space used by those apps and their cache.

Norton Clean is a smart app for removing the junk files and cleaning the app cache for various apps on your Android smartphone. It is very handy for the situations when your Android device has run out of storage space and you want to snap more pictures. You can use Norton Clean to remove junk files, gain more storage space and go about taking pictures and making videos.

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