Radiogram : Listen to Internet Radio Stations on Android

There are so many radio stations all over the world broadcasting interesting content all the time, but you cannot really listen to them using traditional radio sets, car stereos or the FM radio that comes with smartphones. For listening to any of the radio stations from anywhere in the world, you would need an app like Radiogram that helps you listen to thousands of online radio stations on your Android smartphone.

Radiogram app works in all Android versions starting from Android KitKat 4.4 so you can enjoy listening to radio stations even on your very old smartphones. The app asks you for a country and shows the various popular radio stations from that category. You can search for a station using the search box or you can browse the radio stations by selecting the categories like news, talk, pop, religion, rock, jazz, alternative, easy listening, comedy, international, dance and more.

As you listen to various radio stations over time, they appear on the main screen under the “most recently listened stations” category. This helps you quickly pick the radio station anytime later. You can also change the country /region for which the stations are listed just by tapping on the country flag in the app.


The app does not contain any advertisement and is available completely free. This makes the app better than some of the similar apps that either show too many ads or require that you buy a pro version to remove the ads or other restrictions. The app supports Chromecast so you can connect it to your large screen TV and listen to the radio on better speakers.

Radiogram has a very clean interface and does not bother users with an incessant display of ads like some similar apps. You can relax and enjoy your favorite radio stations using Radiogram. But it does not seem to have support for many popular radio streaming networks like Shoutcast, uber, or Pandora. Some other apps like XiiaLive support some of these streaming networks.

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