Stop Windows 10 from Resetting App Associations

Windows 10 comes with many apps pre-installed like Edge web browser, Mail email client, Photos image viewer, Movies & TV, Groove Music, Paint 3D, and Notepad. These apps are managed by Windows App Store and are updated automatically from time to time. But whenever these apps are updated, Windows performs a file type associations reset for the files or protocols usually associated with these apps.

In order to avoid Windows 10 from resetting the files association over and over again, you can use a free tool called “Stop resetting my apps”. This program is designed especially for Windows 10 and supports the latest version of Windows 10. It is a portable tool and requires no installation. You can download it to your Windows 10 PC and start using it right away.

“Stop resetting my apps” displays all the information in its window regarding what this tool does, how it does it and how you can use it. Basically, you will be able to view a number icons belonging to some of the Windows apps and you can tap or click on these icons to block them from taking over the files associated with other programs. As you click on these icons, a traffic stop sign is superimposed over these icons – indicating that these apps are no longer allowed to set the file associations for any of the protocols/file types that they support.

Stop Resetting My Apps

In simple words – if you are using Mozilla Firefox as your default web browser but after every Windows Update the Edge browser app is taking over as the default web browser, then you can use the “Stop resetting my apps” tool to stop Edge browser app from resetting the files/protocols associations. If you want to restore the Windows apps behavior of taking over the extensions, then you can tap/click on the app icons – this will remove the traffic stop sign and restore the default settings.

“Stop resetting my apps” is a nifty little tool that can save you from the annoying Windows apps from taking over the extensions again and again. It is not complicated, works without having to reboot PC and applies the changes instantly.

You can download “Stop resetting my apps” from