Add Your Own Gestures with Smart Gesture Control for Android

Some Android smartphones come with a few gestures built in the Android settings so that you can use them to carry out some actions. For example, you can draw a big C on the screen to open the camera app, draw a big M to open the messages app and so on. But usually these gestures are hard-coded and cannot be changed. You can only turn them off if you do not need them or turn them on if you want to use them.

But if you use an app called Smart Gesture Control, then you can add as many gestures to your Android phone as you want. Smart Gesture Control allows you to add all different types of gestures – to open system settings, to open applications, to open shortcuts, to open recent tasks, to open internet address, to lock device, to make calls, to switch system setting on or off, to act as home button and more.

Smart Gesture Control

In the Smart Gesture Control app, you have to start by tapping on the add button and then choosing a gesture type. It might show even more options depending on the gesture type. For example, if you select “Switch system settings on or off” then it will ask you pick which settings to be toggle on or off like the VPN, 3G/LTE, sound, GPS, Bluetooth, auto-rotation etc.

Smart Gesture Control

After changing the settings for the action, you have to draw the gesture on the screen three times to ensure that slight difference in the gesture does not cause any problem. After this, you are all set to use this new gesture. The small gesture button is available from the lower-left corner of screen, you can tap on this button and then draw the gesture – it will automatically launch the associated action.

Smart Gesture Control is a very easy to use app and allows you an unlimited number of gestures to be set in your Android device. It is a very productive and time saving app to have in your phone.

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