Bandicut : Blazing Fast Video Cutter, Joiner & Splitter

These days everyone is making YouTube videos and the first hurdle they face is editing the videos before uploading them to Youtube. If you have noticed, many YouTubers just record everything without stopping the video camera in one big bulk video file – including all the mistakes, bloopers and more. Then they use a video editor to crop out the parts that they do not want, add an intro, append an outro and it is done.

If you have also embarked on your new adventure of making YouTube videos, then you would need a basic video editor that you can use to remove the parts of the videos that you do not want, add already made intro or outro (you can have these made by people at fiverr). For this purpose, you can use the blazing fast video editor called Bandicut.

Bandicut is not a very advanced video editor, but it does provide with essential features like video joiner, video cutter, video splitter, and audio stream extraction to MP3 files. The software package is only 12 MB and has a very easy to follow interface. You can add videos by dragging and dropping the video files on the Bandicut window. Then you can choose to either cut the video portions or join them together.


What makes Bandicut blazing fast is its ability to use Intel Quick Sync video that makes use of the Intel processor’s ability to process the H.264 encoding at the hardware level. Obviously, this feature will work only for the computers powered by the modern Intel processors like Core i5 or Core i7.

After the video processing is finished, you can choose to upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. An unregistered version of Bandicut adds a watermark near the end of the video. If you want this watermark removed, then you can buy the license for Bandicut.

You can download Bandicut from


  1. Thanks! Bandicut is what I am using now. It has simple functions but has high quality.
    Works great for me.

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