Find Files Faster in Windows with WizFile

When you want to look for a file in your Windows PC, you can use the built-in Windows Search function to find your files. But this search feature can look for so many things in the files other than just the filenames that it could become a tad slower if your hard drives have thousands and thousands of files. If you want to use a number of different criteria to search your files like the file modified date, file creation date, file contents etc, then the Windows Search function is an ideal choice.

But not many people use all these search criteria – they are just looking for files by their names or name patterns. And if you want to search for files just by their names then WizFile can make things real fast for you. WizFile is a really fast files searching tool for Windows and can look for files in all the attached storage devices in a very short time.

According to the developer, the reason why this tool is really fast is that because it reads the data of all of your files on various hard drives through the MFT (master file table) in NTFS formatted storage devices. Since almost all the latest Windows computers use NTFS file system (unless the user forcibly chooses the older FAT32 system), this tool works blazing fast in all the Windows computers.


You can search for files using their file names and their file paths. You can use the standard wildcards like an asterisk (*) and a question mark (?). What is more, WizFile can also track the changes to the file system and tell you when the file system has undergone a change.

WizFile is a portable file search tool for Windows that can save your time when you want to look up files on your hard drive based on their file name or locations. The software is really very fast and displays the search results in less than a second.

You can download WizFile from