Lantern : Peer-to-Peer Proxy for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Android

Lantern is a peer-to-peer proxy designed to circumvent the tyranny of states like North Korea and Iran to limit their citizens from accessing the internet. Unlike VPN servers, it does not depend on just a few servers located in a specific location. It takes the advantage of the P2P networks to provide users with anonymity and hide their IP address on the internet. Furthermore, it also enables the people living under these tyrant regimes to access the popular news websites from the free world like New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, USA Today, BBC, Guardian and more. It is worth mentioning that Lantern is funded by the seed money coming from the US state department.

Because of these objectives, the software is appropriately named Lantern as it lights up the path, fights the darkness and lights up the world of people who would otherwise won’t be able to access the rest of the internet. The software is designed to be easy and small so that it can be used by even in the locations where the internet access is not so fast. It gets installed without any special permissions in the user profile folder, places an icon in the system tray and is ready for use in less than 5 seconds.


From the system tray icon, you can choose to disconnect or connect the proxy server, you can access the Lantern dashboard, and if you want even more data or faster access speeds then you can choose to upgrade to a pro plan. The Lantern dashboard opens up in your web browser and you can see the server location, https upgrades, and how much data you have used. For Lantern to work, you must enable your web browser to use the system proxy settings.


Lantern is a fast and easy way to hide your online identity, get a new IP address and access the otherwise blocked websites. It can be used on all the popular platforms like Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

You can download Lantern from