Block Coin Miner Script in Firefox with No Coin

Ever since Bitcoin value has surged and other cryptocurrencies have started to become popular, everyone wants to make a fortune using these cryptocurrencies. Usually, you need to use either a powerful coin miner ASIC machine equipped with multiple GPUs or use your existing desktop computer that has very high end graphics card. But now many of the websites owners have also started to include a coin miner script on their websites that run the coin mining in the background as you use your web browser.

The side effect of such coin mining scripts is that your computer becomes slow, the CPU/GPU usage sores very high, their temperature goes up and your battery gets depleted faster. Besides all these scripts usually run without your permission and use the resources of your computer to mine the cryptocurrencies without giving you any share of the profit.

No Coin for Firefox

Fortunately, if you are a Firefox user then you can use the No Coin extension to block all of these coin mining scripts instantly. After the installation of the No Coin extension, it will show an icon in the Firefox toolbar. You can click on this icon to see the various options you can apply. Basically, you can whitelist a website to run the coin miners for 1 minute for 30 minutes or permanently. Whitelisting a website could be useful if you are using this website to mine your own cryptocurrency coins. You can also pause the No Coin extension in order to allow some of the websites run the mining scripts which could be useful if some websites are now letting you use them unless you allow coin mining scripts.

The way No Coin works is by blocking some the known domains where these coin mining scripts are hosted. This method works for the present time but as new servers and domains pop up with these mining scripts, it might not work. But nevertheless it is a good protection from the coin mining scripts for the Firefox users.

You can get the No Coin extension for Firefox from