Organize Your Movies with tinyMediaManager

If you have tons of movies, videos and other media files stored on your local hard drive and you are finding it very hard to find them when you need them, then you can use free tinyMediaManager to manage and organize all of your movies and videos. It will create a database of all of your movies and other media files so that you will be able to search for them using the title, year, actors, and other information. For each of the media files, you can assign a DVD cover image or poster image to make it easier to find the movies later on.

This freeware software is designed using Oracle Java and therefore works in all the supported operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. But for using tinyMediaManager, you must install the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) first. It does not have to be installed, it just needs to be started and set up. To do this, you only specify which directories are to be searched, and then you are good to go.

All movies found during the search are added along with the metadata including the cover images. If the movies are missing this metadata or the cover images, then the data required for this is taken from online databases such as


If this metadata is garbage, inaccurate or wrong, the program gives you the option to edit it. With the added metadata, you can filter your movie library according to different criteria and search better. You can go even one step further, and use the “Movie sets”, with which you group your films together – this way “related” movies are displayed when you select any of the movies from a movie set.

For organizing your media collection, tinyMediaManager is a great software and provides all the features that you would find in online movie databases like IMDB.

You can download tinyMediaManager from