VirusTotal Adds New Features to the VTZilla Extension for Mozilla Firefox

We posted about VirusTotal’s browser extension for Firefox called VTZilla many years ago in 2010 – VTZilla Addon-on for Mozilla Firefox. A whole lot has changed since then – VirusTotal is now owned by Google, VirusTotal now scans using many more antivirus engines, and VTZilla – the Firefox extension from VirusTotal – has had a complete overhaul. Back then VTZilla offered the scanning of the current website and downloaded files after the downloading was complete. In the new version of VTZilla, you can choose to automatically pause the download and scan the files being downloaded using VirusTotal.

After the installation of VTZilla, you can access the extension options by clicking on the VirusTotal icon in the toolbar. Among the various options, you can choose to scan the downloads with VirusTotal, scan documents like PDF and DOCX with VirusTotal, send download URLs to VirusTotal, show a prompt to scan the downloaded files and pause the downloads when a download is being scanned by VirusTotal.

VTZilla for Firefox

If you have set the option to show a prompt to scan the downloaded files, then you will see this prompt whenever you download a file. If you select OK, it will send the downloaded file to VirusTotal servers and show you the scanning results. This saves your time in scanning the downloaded files as everything has now become automated.

VTZilla for Firefox

You can also right-click on any link on any website and from the right-click menu choose to scan the selected link or the current webpage. You can also input the hash or text to search for it in the VirusTotal database.

VTZilla for Firefox

VTZilla is a very useful extension for all the Firefox users who want to have their downloads, the currently visited website or links scanned in advance for malware and other threats.

You can get the VTZilla extension for Mozilla Firefox from