Check Common Grammatical Errors in Chrome with LanguageTool Extension

No matter how much of an expert you are in writing in a language, you can make a mistake unknowingly when you are typing something. This happens more often when you are writing something creative under a tight deadline. In an attempt to race with the time, we often skip some words that were in our minds but our fingers forgot to type them. And sometimes, through the force of habit, we type different words that are spelled very similar to the words that we intended to type. Fortunately, if you are using Google Chrome for all of your typing (like writing a blog post) then you can rely on the LanguageTool extension to check your types text for some basic grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

After installing the LanguageTool extension the first thing that you should do is configure its options. Without proper configuration, it may not give you the desired results. You can do so by right-clicking on the LanguageTool icon in he Chrome toolbar and selecting Options. In the options, you can choose the different varieties of English, German, Portuguese, and Catalan that should be used for checking your text, you can specify your own dictionary words that would always be taken as correct, add the domains where the extension should be disabled, add the domains where it auto-checks the text by default and more.

LanguageTool for Chrome

After setting the options, you can try typing some text on any website that lets you type something in a text area (for example in the comment section), select the text and then click on the LanguageTool icon in the toolbar. It will send the text to the LanguageTool servers and will return the results, displaying the errors in a list along with helpful tips.

LanguageTool for Chrome

LanguageTool extension for Chrome is a very helpful tool to have in your arsenal if your everyday work involves a lot of typing and you want to make sure that your final draft does not have any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

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