Draw Flowcharts Easily Using Online Web App LucidChart

My niece was bugging me lately for helping with her homework. She attends high school and is has started to take interest in the computer programming. They are teaching her the basics of algorithms and flowcharts. So she wanted to find out about a really good, yet easy to use and free flowchart drawing program. So we spent some time with her teacher and fifteen minutes later we were making one algorithm flowchart after another on LucidChart’s web app.

LucidChart is not only for designing basic school flowcharts, but it is actually a very comprehensive chart/diagram drawing website that can be used to draw a large variety of UML charts. You have to sign up for a free account before you can start using LucidChart. The free account gives you features that are more than enough for a student, but if you are a professional then you may want to go for a paid account to unlock all the advanced features.


The LucidChart interface is just like any other diagram creating software – you have a toolbox on the side and you can drag-n-drop the various elements on the drawing pad. You can then rotate, resize or reposition these elements along with adding various values or texts. You can change the orientation and connect various elements using a number of methods that are accessible from the toolbox.

In the LucidChart interface you can choose one of the templates from the hundreds that are available to start working. There are various categories such as flowcharts, mind maps, sales, network chart, business analysis, engineering, venn diagram, site maps and dozens of others. Furthermore, you can also import the charts created using many of the popular software such as Visio, Omnigraffle, Draw.io, and Gliffy. You can one-click import data into your diagrams from files created by Microsoft Excel and CSV files. This really helps you very quickly create the diagrams and charts.


As far as the exporting of your diagrams are concerned, you can export them to PDF, PNG, PNG with transparency, JPEG, SVG, SVG with transparency and more. You can even export the data to Visio or CSV files.

You can try LucidChart by visiting https://www.lucidchart.com/.